Anarchy Chess
The White Paper

The White Paper

Anarchy Chess IO

An endless strategy game with a twist! Built on the Polygon Network, Anarchy Chess IO is for those ready to defy and rebel!! Defend and expand your kingdom, dominate and conquer theirs!!! Locked into each new piece of land are ACIO tokens earned through the infinite expansion of the Chess board. Wager your ACIO in a twisted game of Chess and prove your worthiness!

There will be 3 Editions to the gameLet the Anarchy Games Begin!!

Each edition to the game will bring more twists and turns, experiences and rewards, as well as Booster NFT’s (TBD) that will allow players to add abilities to their Chess Pieces.

  • The Kings Annex The Great Land Grab
  • The Knights Stronghold– Death To The Pawns (TBD)
  • The Queen’s Wrath– War Has Just Begun!!! (TBD)

Spawn your Kings, claim your land and survive at all costs! Can you build an empire, or will you run through the endless void? War is imminent and only time will tell when fate decides!

Join the ICO today or fight with the rest of them!

Community Giveaways starting- 01/01/2022

We will be giving 1 Account NFT free to every new investment of 2000 ACIO or more!!! This means you enter the game FREE and are able to play, stake and earn forever!!!


Max Supply: 1,000,000,000 ACIO

  • Token Contract: 0xcCcfdEb34B502D1c0F7Dc6399C2BbE24b71C29fF (ACIO, 18 decimals)
  • 10% Initial Coin Offering: 100,000,000 ACIO
  • 10% Development Team: 100,000,000 ACIO
  • 10% Community Fund: 100,000,000 ACIO
  • 70% Play To Earn: 700,000,000 ACIO
    • Land Claim Reward: 350,000,000 ACIO
      • The Kings Annex: 100,000,000 ACIO
      • The Knights Stronghold: 100,000,000 ACIO
      • The Queens Wrath : 150,000,000 ACIO
    • Land Staking Rewards: 350,000,000 ACIO
  • 200 ACIO per Polygon MATIC (0.005 MATIC  per ACIO)
  • Any Tokens leftover from the ICO will be added to Community Fund
  • Burn Programs
    • 50% of the cost to buy new Kings are burned
    • Burned Fee Applied to Suicides (Refer to A Few Things To Know: Death Payouts)
    • King NFT will be burned upon death.

NFT List

  • Account NFT(s)
    • Enables a user to interact with the game. Without one, you can not play! Cost 5000 ACIO after ICO
  • King NFT(s)
    • A basic Piece NFT. Cheap and easy to get. only 10 ACIO***
  • Booster NFT(s)
    • Players will soon be able to purchase NFT’s with attributes that increase power, defense, attack and more!!!!

Rewards, Rewards, and More Rewards Explore, Hoard and Defend your Land!!!

  • Land Claiming:
    • Only Kings claim land
    • Land claims reward your King with a one time payment (Starts at 1 ACIO per claimed tile)
    • All tiles in the game possess an initial reward
  • Land Staking Rules:
    • Land staking rewards are paid directly to every players staking account minus our stakers fee.
    • Staking rewards will continue until an enemy takes the land. 
    • Occupy more tiles to earn more staking power.
    • If you lose your land, you lose your staking power, but keep your initial claim reward.
    • Land Staking Payouts:
      • 90% Players Account
      • 10% Stakers Fee
  • ACIO Token Staking will receive:
    • 10% of all new ACIO
    • +15% bonus fee if Unit NFT commits suicide.

Land ExpansionLand Expansion is Infinite!!

  • Stay tuned, more exciting details will be provided upon release.

Game Concepts

The King’s Annex-  The Great Land Grab

Account NFTs:

You need to own an Account NFT to play Anarchy Chess. Included with every Account NFT is 1 Unit NFT. This will be the one and only way to play the game. Its essentially your player I.D. After supplying 5000 ACIO to purchase one, you can then begin acquiring your army and earning rewards. Rewards are payed to the owner of the Account NFT. The importance of all players to recognize this is also the key to your army is immense! It holds every one of your Unit NFTs within it as well as you begin to build your army. No Account NFT, no army. Please dont lose it because you will lose your army as well. Unit NFTs can and will die, but no worries, you are still able to play after purchasing another one.

Unit NFTs:

  • Unit NFTs start out as Kings.
  • Unit then selects a team and can not be changed thereafter.
  • You can join a team at any point in the game if you haven’t joined one yet.
  • Units are not able to take a teammates land or staking reward, even when occupying the tile.
  • Kings can be moved one space every 560 blocks*
  • Pawns can not move at all as they are for defense only.
  • Banked ACIO are claimed only upon death.
  • Player must die in order to cash out earned ACIO. This means all units have perished by your own hand or someone else’s*
  • Death Payouts:
    • Bank-
      • 90% Players Account
      • 10% Stakers Fee
    • Power has two different payouts-
      • Died In Battle
        • 100% to chess piece who killed you
      • Suicide
        • 25% Stakers Fee
        • 75% Burned

How to play:

  • Players can spawn anywhere on the chess board as long as the tile/land is unclaimed, owned by themselves or owned by a teammate.
  • The Kings Edition contains only Kings and Pawns.
  • Kings can convert into Pawns and vice versa, Pawns to Kings.
  • This is Anarchy Chess, an army of Kings wins the game!
  • Kings are the only piece having the ability to claim land.
  • Pawns can not move nor claim land.
  • Pawns are a defensive maneuver. Convert your Kings to Pawns to protect your land!!!
  • Claiming land for rewards is automatic upon spawning or moving to a tile.
  • Land claiming rewards add to your power and bank.
  • Land claiming rewards payout just once.
  • Acquiring enemy tiles/previously owned tiles only builds your staking rewards.
  • Increase power to destroy your enemy and take their respective power.
  • Repeat tactics and dominate this never ending world. Fight until your last piece falls or simply dies by your own hand.
  • *Tokens can be claimed only upon death. You must die to cash out.
    • Your King NFT may commit suicide. We encourage it.
      • 25% penalty fee given to stakers for suicides 

Chess Piece Attributes:

*Power = Initial Power + 50% Claim Rewards + 50% Kill Rewards*

*Bank = 50% Claim Rewards + 50% Kill Rewards*

  • King:
    • Attack Damage: Power * 1 
    • Health Points:    Power * 1
  • Pawn:
    • Attack Damage: 0
    • Health Points: Power * 100
  • Knight:
    • TBD
  • Rook:
    • TBD
  • Bishop:   
    • TBD
  • Queen:
    • TBD

Game Visuals and Concepts

In these examples we will use 100 as a reward instead of 1 for easier math. Kings Edition is simply Kings killing other Kings for ACIO and staking rights. Game begins with two Kings that have spawned into Anarchy Chess, both keen on proving they can with stand the test of time. Each have received 50 ACIO into their Bank and Power.

Red King : 50 Power — 50 Bank

Blue King : 50 Power — 50 Bank

Kings are able to move in any direction one tile. For example, this Red King decides to move directly towards the enemy Blue King.
Since the Red King landed on the new tile first, it gets another 50 ACIO added to its Power and Bank.

Red King : 100 Power – 100 Bank

Blue King : 50 Power – 50 Bank

The Red King was able to kill Blue King only because he had more power. Red King takes control of the tile. Since that tile was discovered already, it receives no claim reward, only staking rewards. Red King steals Blue Kings power and splits it between his own bank and power.

Red King: 125 Power – 125 Bank

Blue King has died. He lost his power to the Red King. 90% of his bank is sent to his balance. The other 10% is sent to staking collective balances.

In this new scenario, red team has spawned 4 Kings. 3 Kings have been converted into Pawns. Pawns can not attack. They only provide a defensive maneuver which is 100x bonus Power.
Unlike traditional combat, Pawns do not need to be killed in one turn. They accumulate hit point damage taken. When the hit point damage is over the defensive bonus, the Pawn will then die. The Pawns power will now be yours, as well as the tile.